kiddikutter in 8 different colours
kiddikutter  charcoal
kiddikutter red
kiddikutter purple
kiddikutter orange
kiddikutter pink
kiddikutter dusty pink
kiddikutter green
kiddikutter blue
Kiddi Kutter

KiddiKutter - Child Safe Knife

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KiddiKutter is designed for children 3 years & older to cut their own food safely. This fabulous child-safe knife will cut anything that a sharp knife can, but it won’t cut kids' fingers due to the rounded serrations of the stainless steel blade. Each knife comes in its own packaging and measures 18cms in length BPA Free!
The Kiddi food Kutter knife is a safe way for kids to develop their independence and for parents' peace of mind. The knife can be used in food preparation and cooking and also as a first knife at the table.