Zazu Heartbeat Soft Toy Comforter Don the Donkey
Zazu Heartbeat Soft Toy Comforter Don the Donkey

Zazu Heartbeat Soft Toy Comforter Don the Donkey

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A soft musical toy that will help to soothe and calm your baby with a range of sounds and melodies. Super soft to touch, your baby will adore this comforter - simply shake to activate the sounds.

Voice-activated – perfect for soothing and settling your little whilst they sleep. If your baby cries, the animal toy from Zazu will switch on and play your chosen sound.

Six soothing sounds to choose from including the mimic of Mums heartbeat, calming waterfall, and four gentle melodies.

A great feature of  Zazu Soft Toy- Don the Donkey, is that he is fully washable! Simply remove the sound module inside the toy and your Zazu heartbeat toy can easily be washed.

 Operated by 2 x AA batteries (not included). Size:14 x 31 x 14cm

  • 6 soothing sounds to choose from: Heartbeat, waterfall and 4 gentle melodies.
  • Activate by shaking - no need to find a switch – simply shake the toy.
  • Timer with auto shut-off. After 10 minutes the sound will automatically fade and switch off.
  • Switches on automatically if your baby starts crying - the voice-activated sound sensor will switch on the sound if your baby wakes up in the night.
  • Adjustable volume.