Baby Blankets

If there's anything parents of infants know they need, it's a stack of baby blankets!
A blanket draped over the cot or bassinet, over the arm of occasional chairs in the nursery, by the changing table, and in closets around your home.
It's not unusual to go through 1 or more blankets a day, so 
ensure you have as many as you need to make life easier.
Our blankets are suitable for swaddling, the pram when out & about, for tummy time, bassinet & cots. Because your precious little bundle of lovely deserves nothing but the softest of baby blankets. Take the time to select your favourite blanket patterns, colours & textures, for everyday use; to keep your baby snug and warm, or to match a nursery theme.
Our baby blanket collection has some beautiful cotton, chenille & knitted blankets with a variety of patterns they are designed to be used for pram blankets and cot blankets.
A perfect everyday travel companion for stylish bubs. Baby blankets make lovely gifts, too, so let your family know if you find a style you love and be sure to treat your friends to a few for their babies when the occasion arises.