Baby Muslin Wraps & Swaddles | Abbey Junction

Muslin wraps or the swaddle wraps are great for wrapping or swaddling your baby. Swaddling your baby can help them to feel comforted, mimicking the familiarity of being bundled up inside the womb. Baby swaddle wraps use your baby’s own body to provide comfort while they rest. Wrapping should be firm enough to feel like your child is being cuddled or held, but not so tight that your baby can’t move.

Muslin wraps are perfect for Swaddling your newborn baby and are essential all year round. Muslin wraps are lightweight, soft, and breathable and also have multiple uses including being used over the pram to shield from the sun, as a burp cloth or some privacy when feeding.

Our range of baby wraps is available in a variety of sizes, colour, patterned or plain.