Collection: Dou Dou Comforters

Baby dou comforters are one of our most popular categories. With so many blankies to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice and we are sure you will find the right comforter for your baby.
Gorgeous baby security blankets are soft and plush and will become baby's ideal companion and best friend that they can snuggle up to, they will provide baby with a sense of security and comfort by cuddling their favourite dou dou.
Comforter soft toys come in a range of materials, colours and designs; from our safari jungle range to bunnies, unicorns and koalas.
Some of the Dou Dou comforters in our range come with knotted ends so that babies can grasp them with their small hands whilst we also have comforters with a teether at the end so babies can cuddle into the blanket and suck on the teether for those sore gums.
We also have knitted doudou comforters, with a large range to choose from and you can mix and match with their matching knitted rattles and toys!
Make sure you buy more than one because babies become attached to their comforter and you'll never know where or when you'll find yourself looking for the favourite blankie/ dou dou comforter, that's missing!