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Jiggle & Giggle

Esme Bunny Comforter

Esme Bunny Comforter

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Introducing the enchanting "Esme Bunny" Baby Dou Dou Comforter by Jiggle and Giggle – a world of soothing cuddles and boundless comfort awaits your precious little one. Meticulously crafted and designed with the utmost care, this Dou Dou comforter is poised to become an essential part of your baby's daily routine.
Say hello to Esme Bunny, a charming character brought to life through delicate colours and adorable accents. With her gentle demeanour and comforting textures, Esme Bunny is more than a Dou Dou – she's a source of joy and security.
Our baby Dou Dou comforter is carefully fashioned from the softest, baby-friendly materials to create a haven of tranquillity for your little bundle. The gentle touch of this Dou Dou provides a sense of familiarity, making it a perfect companion for soothing moments.
Esme Bunny goes beyond being just a Dou Dou – she's a cherished friend for every escapade. Whether it's snuggles, on-the-go adventures, or moments of exploration, this Dou Dou Comforter is designed to be your baby's constant, reassuring presence.
On the hunt for an unforgettable baby shower or newborn gift? Look no further. The Esme Bunny Dou Dou Comforter is a heartfelt gesture that encapsulates warmth, comfort, and endless affection. It's a gift that resonates with both parents and their precious little ones.
Embrace the world of "Esme Bunny" Baby Dou Dou Comforter and watch as your baby forms an unbreakable bond of comfort and companionship. Order now to introduce this cherished friend into your baby's life and witness the magic of connection unfold.
Measurement: 12H x 24W x 24D cms
Material: Cotton/Polyester.
Age:Suitable from 0+years

  • Recommended cold hand wash in mild detergent.
  • Do not bleach or tumble dry.
  • Allow to dry flat in the shade.

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