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Ava the Fawn - Knitted Ring Rattle

Ava the Fawn - Knitted Ring Rattle

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The adorable Ava Fawn Knitted Rattle, is a charming and delightful toy that will captivate your little one's imagination! Made from 100% cotton pearl knit, embroidered facial features, and a cute handmade crochet flower detail, this rattle combines the softness of high-quality knit with the whimsical charm of a fawn character, making it a perfect companion for your baby's playtime.
This rattle is visually appealing and boasts a delightful sound that will delight your baby. The soft rattle inside emits a gentle jingling noise when shaken, encouraging auditory stimulation and helping to develop your little one's hearing abilities. The sound is pleasant and soothing, making it an ideal toy for quiet playtime.
The Ava Fawn Knitted Rattle engages your little one's senses and promotes their fine motor skills as they grasp and shake the rattle. The lightweight design is perfect for tiny hands to hold and manipulate, helping to strengthen their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
The Ava Fawn Knitted Rattle makes a wonderful gift for newborns, baby showers, or birthdays. Indulge your little one with the Ava Fawn Knitted Rattle, an enchanting and safe toy that provides hours of joy, exploration, and imaginative play. Give your baby a delightful sensory experience with this charming and cuddly companion.

Measurements:10 x 17 x 8cm approx.
Materials:100% Cotton knit/polyester fill
This rattle is toy tested to AUS/NZS toy standards.

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