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Living Textiles

Ella the Elephant - Knitted Ring Rattle

Ella the Elephant - Knitted Ring Rattle

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Introducing the adorable and enchanting "Ella the Elephant" Ring Rattle by Living Textiles – a delightful companion designed to engage and captivate your little one's senses while fostering their early development.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Ella the Elephant Ring Rattle showcases a perfect blend of comfort, creativity, and playfulness. This charming rattle features a soft and plush elephant character, lovingly designed to be both visually appealing and touchably soft. The gentle color palette and endearing expression on Ella's face are sure to capture your baby's attention and imagination.

The carefully selected materials ensure that this ring rattle is not only irresistibly huggable but also safe for your baby to explore. The ring itself is easy for tiny hands to grasp, promoting essential fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination development. With a satisfying and gentle rattle sound, Ella the Elephant Ring Rattle provides auditory stimulation that encourages sensory exploration and cognitive growth.

As your little one interacts with Ella, they're embarking on a journey of sensory discovery. The contrasting patterns, and soft textures, incorporated into the design stimulate tactile exploration and help develop your baby's sense of touch. Whether during tummy time, or on-the-go adventures, Ella the Elephant Ring Rattle is the perfect playtime companion.

Ella the Elephant Ring Rattle is not just a toy – it's a cherished keepsake that will be part of your baby's developmental milestones and precious memories. The high-quality craftsmanship ensures that this rattle withstands the test of time, making it an ideal gift for baby showers, birthdays, or simply to celebrate the joy of a new arrival.

Nurture your baby's curiosity, creativity, and cognitive growth with the enchanting Ella the Elephant Ring Rattle by Living Textiles. Watch as your little one's eyes light up and their giggles fill the air, creating cherished moments of playtime joy that will forever hold a place in your heart.This rattle is toy tested to AUS/NZS toy standards.

Age Suitability


10cmx 17cm x 8cm


100% Cotton knit/polyester fill


Surafce washable
Mild suds,cold water
Spot Clean
Air dry

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